Beginning the Lenten Journey
Now is the time of year that we begin our Lenten Journey through to Holy Pascha, or Easter.

Christians throughout America have a variety of customs for the journey to our most Holy period, the time when we celebrate the Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We fast, we repent, we pray, we increase our charitable works. Some of us follow liturgical cycles and calendars, others don't.

Western Christians celebrate Easter in 2020 on April 12.

Eastern Orthodox Christian Lenten and Paschal calendar (OCA) for 2020:

Feb 2: Zacchaeus Sunday
Feb 9: Publican and Pharisee (beginning of the Lenten Triodion)
Feb 16: Prodigal Son
Feb 23: Meatfare (Sunday of the Last Judgment)
Mar 1: Cheesefare (Forgiveness Sunday)
Mar 2: Beginning of Great Lent
Apr 12: Palm Sunday
Apr 19: Holy Pascha

Post Pascha Calendar for 2020:
May 13: Midfeast
May 28: Ascension
June 7: Pentecost
June 15: Saints Peter and Paul Fast (for 14 days)

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