Praise God, we are re-opening our Illumination Greetings website!

As a Michigan business, we have faced some of the most draconian executive orders for Covid and lockdowns associated with it.  In fact, we launched this website about a month before everything went topsy-turvy and we had to close.  God willing, we will be able to make a go of this new endeavor, and our other lines of products on our other websites will also go well upon re-opening.

We have also experienced difficult personal challenges during this time, with our president undergoing multiple biopsies for breast cancer.  Praise God, all were ultimately benign and she does not have cancer.  We thank all our customers who were aware of these trials and who prayed for her.

As we return to business, we do not expect it to be easy or that we will be able to offer as timely service yet as we were able to do before.  For example, although we anticipate being able to offer the same timely order fulfillment as before (same day or next day service),  we are estimating that orders may require additional time to fulfill, and that communications may take extra time, both for our replies vie phone or email.  We also recognize that our customers may not respond quite as promptly to us either, for a variety of possible reasons.  We will be patient with you and hope that you will also be patient with us.

We have plenty of new greeting card designs in our product development pipeline.  So watch for more new cards that will be coming out over the next few months!

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit for helping us along!  May God bless all of you exceedingly during these difficult times.

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